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We work tirelessly to protect the safety of both customers and our own staff, with an integrated approach ensuring that products, dispense and application systems, hygiene management systems and training enable cleaning tasks to be carried out in an effective and safe way.

We constantly look at how we can develop products which deliver increased cleaning performance but with a safer classification for personal, environmental and physical safety.

Holchem provides all customers with safe and accurate dosing equipment to ensure our products are applied at the optimum level for each hygiene task.

Cleaning instructions are provided as part of the hygiene management system, outlining the approved methods of cleaning, which are used as references for training and auditing.

Offering training both in a classroom as well as through Holchem’s eLearning platform, we make use of best techniques to convey information or modify behaviour, always delivering best practice and working towards safer and more efficient cleaning programmes for all the sectors we work with.