handsoap dispense

Handcare products

The transfer of pathogenic or food spoilage organisms via the hands is a significant problem and reducing this through regular hand washing and sanitisation is crucial.

Cartridge System

The hygienic, sealed refill system with integral pump ensures all liquid contact parts are replaced with each new refill, providing an enhanced level of security. The refill and dispenser design allows for a quick, simple refill change and is available in both a liquid and foam range to suit customer preferences.

H4 Luxor - Hand Soap Dispenser
H4 Luxor - Foam Soap
H6 Foamsan - Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
H6 Foamsan - Hand Sanitiser
H3 Luxury - Handsoap Dispenser
H3 Luxury - Foam Soap
H5 Luxcell - Hand Soap Dispenser
H5 Luxcell - Hand Soap
H2 Luxsan - Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
H2 Luxsan - Hand Sanitiser

Refillable System

A range of pouring hand soaps, hand sanitisers and re-moisturising lotions are available for use through either foaming or liquid dispensers, which are refiled from 5 Litre product containers.

M7 Handsoap Dispenser
M7 Handsoap
Handsan Dispenser
M9 Hand Care - Dispenser
M9 Hand Care
M8 Hand Mousse - Dispenser
M8 Hand Mousse - Foam Soap
Dermlosan Dispenser
Dermlosan - Hand Sanitiser