Test & inspection equipment

The range of test kits and inspection equipment is designed to allow a business to simply and reliably monitor cleaning and the result of cleaning.
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The test kits and equipment range includes from inspection torches and cameras to rapid surface monitoring test kits and temperature and conductivity monitoring equipment.

Hygiene tasks required to control microbiological and allergenic hazards require validation to demonstrate that they are fit for purpose and this is a requirement of many retailer audit standards. Such controls also need frequent monitoring and verification to demonstrate their on-going effectiveness. In addition, other hygiene tasks such as cleaning to control the cross-contamination of food materials between product runs, or hand hygiene procedures, require more routine monitoring and verification, often to a less sensitive level.

One of our aims is to ensure our customers are provided with effective and reliable test kits and equipment for the validation, verification and on-going monitoring of cleaning and hygiene tasks, to ensure acceptable levels of performance are achieved. The choice of test will depend on the hazard that is being controlled (microbiological, physical, chemical) and the level of sensitivity required.

A range of test kits and inspection equipment.

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