Maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of floors is a critical to safety and ensuring both employees and visitors perceive a facility the right way.

Holchem understands that floor care maintenance varies for every facility and business, with different floors requiring the use of different cleaning products and methods.

At Holchem, we can offer advice, helping our customers put in place a long term cleaning and maintenance programmes for flooring within their facility, delivering cost efficiency and practical solutions.


Epoxy Resin Floors

Epoxy resin floors are used in an almost limitless range of environments: warehouses, factories, schools, kitchens, garages, in storage areas and in homes.


Polyurethane Floors

Polyurethane floors are manufactured for the most demanding industrial and commercial environments. These include aerospace and food production industries, where performance is the driving factor in a floor specification. This is often due to the presence of highly aggressive acids and alkalis.


Altro Flooring

Kitchen floors tend to be either a rough type surface “Altro” to help avoid trips and falls or a smooth lino type.


Ceramic Tile Floors

Glazed (shiny) ceramic tile is virtually stain proof, but unglazed (matte) ceramic tile is porous and must be sealed to resist stains. A new unglazed ceramic-tile floor needs to be sealed.