membrane cleaning

Membrane cleaning

Membrane technology is a proven separation method used on the molecular and ionic levels. Since the 1970s, this technique has been adapted for use in the dairy industry.


The membrane separation techniques utilised in the dairy industry are:

  • RO – used for dehydration of milk, whey, UF permeate and condensate
  • NF – used when partial desalination of milk, whey, UF permeate or retentate is required
  • UF – typically used for concentration of milk proteins in milk and whey and for protein standardization of milk intended for cheese, yoghurt and some other products, but it is also used for clarification of fruit- and berry-juices
  • MF – mostly used for reduction of bacteria in skim milk, whey and brine, but also for defatting whey intended for whey protein concentrate and for protein fractionation.

The cleaning of the membranes requires not only the identification of the soils from both product and water but also the materials of the membrane and associate equipment; taking into account their pH and temperature tolerance.

The Fluxlean Range of products was developed to meet the requirements of membrane cleaning in the Dairy sector. The products and associated regime are designed to successfully return the membrane plant to its operating flux within the shortest cleaning time while ensuring the membrane remains fully protected.