Ecolabel products

The Holistic Green Range of products.

Ecolabel Products

The cleaning performance of products in this range have been independently assessed against market leading non-Ecolabel products; Note: UniBlue Disinfectant is currently under assessment.  They have a low impact on aquatic life, reduced use of hazardous raw materials, reduced packaging waste and are efficient cost in use formulations.

The European Ecolabel is a recognised accreditation awarded to products of the highest environmental and performance status. The Ecolabel encourages companies to become more sustainable and produce products that are of low environmental impact throughout their whole life-cycle. Every aspect from the raw materials used to manufacture the product, right through to disposal of the product, are monitored. Environmental impact is measured at each stage of the products life-cycle.

Washing Up Liquid Concentrate
All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate
UniBlue Disinfectant
Degreaser Concentrate
Washroom Cleaner Concentrate
Toilet Cleaner RTU
Dispenser Pack