Laundry products

A product range to suit on-premise laundries whether small or large.

Laundry Products


On-premise laundries in hotels, restaurants, nursing homes or other businesses offer the operator the opportunity to control and manage the quality of finish being achieved for items placed on tables, in bathrooms, bedrooms etc.

For the smaller premises the normal method is to hand feed a laundry powder and fabric conditioner directly into the machine.

For a small to medium busy laundry we offer a “one shot” built laundry detergent which is easy to use and automatically dispensed.

For the busy large, multi-machine laundries Holchem have a multi-product system utilising a detergent, alkaline boost, emulsifier and destain.

Laundry Powder Non-Bio
Laundry Powder Bio
One Shot Laundry Liquid
Laundry Liquid Detergent
Laundry Boost Liquid
Laundry Liquid Destain
Low Temp. Laundry Destain
Premium Fabric Conditioner
Fabric Softener