cleaning method

Hygiene management systems

The Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 state that all food businesses must operate a documented Food Safety Management system, in line with the principle of HACCP.

An essential element of this system is cleaning documentation. Enshrined within Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 is the need for all food premises to be maintained in a clean condition and activities related to the maintenance of safe food production to be recorded.


Cleaning Instructions

Fundamental documentation is required by legislation, FSA, Retailer and BRC codes of practice. This includes the cleaning instructions for all equipment and surfaces on a site and a system of control to show cleaning has been carried out according to the correct method. A major element of this is the provision of Cleaning Schedules, Control Sheets and a Cleaning Programme.

The Optimum Hygiene Management System is fully integrated and can include:

  • Wallcharts which give a quick visual guide to equipment and surfaces that need cleaning.
  • Cleaning Method Cards which give step by step instructions on how to safely clean the equipment.


The Holchem Hygiene Management System enables the business to demonstrate to auditors and inspectors that a professional and controlled hygiene management system is in place.