bar & cellar

Bar & cellar

Good hygiene procedures and processes are vitally important in the hospitality sector to provide an inviting and safe environment, with customers satisfied and eager to return.

Regular cleaning and an attention to detail all helps to create a great customer experience. Glasswashers should be loaded and used correctly and at the end of service the glasswasher should be emptied and cleaned correctly.

The Optimum products cover Beer Line Cleaning, Glass Washing Detergents specially developed for glasses, Rinse Aids to help with drying and leaving a spot free finish and specialist Glass Renovator powder to regenerate the sparkle in dull glassware.


Frequently asked questions


Why is glass and bar cleanliness important?

Cleanliness is often one of the most important factors affecting a visitor’s review of a venue in the hospitality sector and the bar environment and facilities such as washrooms must be kept spotlessly clean. In addition, glass cleaning and beer line cleaning must be carried out to a high standard to ensure your drinks reach the customer as intended. Glasswashing is very important with dirty glasses affecting beerhead.


Why is it important to correctly load the glasswasher?

A properly loaded, well managed and maintained glasswasher with the correct detergent and rinse aid will leave glasses clean and streak free. At the end of service, the glasswasher should be emptied and cleaned correctly.


Why is it important to ensure beerlines are cleaned?

Clean beer lines reduce any product waste and ensures the quality of the product that is being served to the customer.