fryer cleaning

Fryer cleaning

Fryers operate at elevated temperatures which commonly causes burnt on deposits of carbonised and polymerised oils and food debris.

The level of soiling will depend on many factors such as the type of oil used, the time of running between cleans and the food being fried. Often a manual clean using a general purpose cleaner and cloths is sufficient. If there is significant burn on then a heavy duty cleaner such as an oven cleaner can be sprayed on and left before rinsing off. Alternatively, a soak clean can be carried out with a decarbonising type product.

The clean can be hazardous, involving the handling of hot oils and hazardous chemicals and therefore must follow a strict and safe methodology. It is recommended that only fully trained personnel carry out the clean.

The debris can be difficult to remove but by combining the right methodology and cleaning products, our customers can return their fryer back to use quickly, and safely.