Good hygiene procedures and process is vitally important in the hospitality sector to provide an inviting and safe environment, leaving visitors satisfied and wanting to return.

Hotels experience high levels of guest turnover and seasonal busy periods. It is important that all areas are cleaned effectively, efficiently and hygienically to ensure that the image of the businesses establishment is maintained.

Choosing the correct products for your premises requires consideration of:

  • Materials and surfaces to be cleaned
  • Experience and knowledge of the staff using the products
  • Safety in use and
  • Costs to use.


Holchem can assist by offering free advice and consultation, including a free survey of premises to discover which products and processes can deliver the best results for our customers.


Toilet cleaning

Correct toilet cleaning methods will ensure scale deposits are removed and prevented, keeping them clean and presentable.


Bathroom cleaning

The appropriate washroom cleaner – specifically developed to manage the bacteria found in the bathroom - should be used to clean sinks, walls and floors within bathroom areas, ensuring that consideration is given to combat organisms such as MRSA, as well as controlling mould.

Glass and hard surface cleaning

Products such as glass cleaner, neutral cleaner or furniture polish can be used to clean various hard surfaces across your premises.

Air Freshening

Even when a room looks clean, it will not provide a welcoming atmosphere unless it also smells clean. Air control solutions include a trigger spray application such as A11 Air Freshener, or an automated dispensing system such as A12 Air Freshener automatic.

Soft Furnishings Cleaning

Ensuring that fabrics are cleaned and presented to a high quality is all part of providing the perfect guest experience - so customers receive a hygienic, but also enjoyable, service.


Frequently asked questions

Is there a health risk from poorly cleaned bathrooms?

There in a minimal risk from a poorly cleaned bathroom, however visitors need to be confident that bathroom facilities are exceptionally clean and disinfected.

Why do I need to clean the bathrooms and bedrooms?

Cleanliness is often one of the most important factors affecting a visitor review of a venue in the hospitality sector. Bedrooms and bathrooms need to be cleaned to an exceptional standard from a visual point of view but also it is important that the room is left with a pleasant consistent fragrance.