On-premise laundries in hotels, restaurants, and nursing homes allow the quality of finish of items such as protective clothing, bedding and table cloths to be managed on site.


For the smaller premises the normal method is to hand feed a laundry powder and fabric conditioner directly into the machine.

For a small to medium busy laundry we offer a “one shot” built laundry detergent which is easy to use and automatically dispensed.

For the busy large, multi-machine laundries Holchem have a multi-product system utilising a detergent, alkaline boost, emulsifier and destain.


Frequently asked questions


Is there a risk from poorly cleaned laundry?

With items that may come into contact with food or food contact surfaces such as cleaning cloths and protective clothing (e.g. chef’s aprons) there is a significant risk of cross contamination if the articles are not properly cleaned and disinfected.

With items being washed in nursing or care homes there is a risk to laundry operatives if not handled correctly and a cross contamination risk if articles are not properly cleaned and disinfected.

For general bedding and towels the risk is customer perception.


Why do I need to use the recommended products?

Different materials and soiling require different laundry products and often different laundry cycles.