oven cleaning

Oven cleaning

Commercial ovens such as rotisseries, combi or deck ovens operate at elevated temperatures, resulting in burn on, polymerised oils and food debris.

By choosing the correct methodology and cleaning chemistry, from Holchem, our customers quickly and safely return their ovens ready for use. Detergents used for oven cleaning are often very hazardous; only trained staff must undertake the cleaning procedure.


Combination Oven

The combination oven is one of the most versatile, multipurpose pieces of professional kitchen equipment available. Can also be known as combi-ovens or combi-steamers, these multifunctional ovens allow caterers the freedom to perform many styles of cooking quickly without the hassle of having to use a variety of cooking appliances.

The most commonly called combi ovens, these are generally one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the modern commercial kitchen. Using three methods of cooking, the combi can cook using steam, convection or a combination of both. This means they can do the job of multiple other cooker types in one single appliance, saving huge amounts of time and space. Some combi ovens can even clean themselves or run complex multi-stage cooking programmes to which can be uploaded via USB stick.

From joints of meat, to steamed fish, vegetables to breads the combination oven provides the chef with consistent product quality on the finished product.

The cleaning & maintenance of the combi-oven is different to that of a traditional oven where the main soling would be grease and carbon deposit, however within the process of the combi-oven the added element of steam can provide a different cleaning challenge. When selecting and surveying prior to installing a combi-oven it would be highly advisable to check the hardness of the water supply to the combi-oven and indeed many manufacturers recommend the fitting of a water softener.

On occasions if the water conditions haven’t been taking fully into consideration there can be hard water drop out resulting in the visual view of calcium and minerals on the glass door, in very simple terms dried white deposits, that require attention when cleaning. Combination Ovens have self-cleaning facility where the appropriate chemicals are injected automatically in the cleaning cycle, with certain models offering cycles of cleaning that the operator can select dependant on frequency of cleaning and the level of soiling.

Holchem offer from the Optimum Range a Self-Cleaning Oven Detergent & Acidic Rinse Aid, combined with the cleaning advice and guidance to protect and maintain the Combination Oven.