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System Cleaners Modular Equipment

A range of System Cleaners pump stations, dilution pump stations, satellites and mobile units are available. The fixed units can be configured to distribute diluted chemicals and water to satellite stations or just water for local chemical pick up at satellite stations.

A Predilute System provides central distribution from a plant room of washdown water, prediluted detergent usually for foam application and often a prediluted disinfectant for spray application.

The system consists of a pump unit that increases the water pressure, a central mixing/pumping station for the cleaning agents and a number of satellite stations, which will depend on the specific installation.

Each satellite station receives pre-mixed cleaning agent from the mixing/pumping station, pressurised water from the pump station, and compressed air from the compressed air system.

Centralised systems are often more economical in operation, as cleaning agents supplied in larger containers are cheaper than the equivalent in drums. Placing the cleaning agents in a central location also minimises the manual handling of chemical containers and reduces the amount of packaging.

A Local Pick Up System enables each user to individually select a cleaning or disinfection product that matches the specific cleaning requirement, thus ensuring maximum flexibility. An installation typically consists of a pump station and a number of satellite stations.

Satellite stations are placed at strategic locations where there is a need for cleaning. The satellite stations are supplied with pressurised water from a pump station and have an integrated suction and dosing system for one or more detergents or disinfectants.

Using a switch on the unit, users can choose between the following cleaning functions: rinsing, foam application and disinfection.

Mobile units can be a good solution if the areas to be cleaned are very scattered, or do not need to be cleaned very often. Mobile Units provide pumped water for washdown together with local pick up of detergent and disinfectant. 

System Cleaners Modular Equipment