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Bottle Washing

Optimising bottle washing machines in brewery or beverage plants requires both extensive know how and a systematic approach to ensure the best process possible is in place.

By analysing processing parameters, the optimum bottle wash programme provides a great opportunity to achieve significant savings of energy and water, whilst maintaining low bottle wear.

Bottles pass through a number of different treatment zones. In the pre-soaking area, they are firstly heated and basic contamination is removed. They then pass through caustic immersion tanks to completely wash away any dirt and label residues. To ensure that all of the caustic and other residues are completely removed when the bottles are discharged from the machine, they are finally rinsed with fresh water

A caustic soda solution alone will lack many properties required for effective and efficient bottle washing. Additives to the caustic solution or alternatively formulated caustic products can be supplied.

Many bottling plants now use one trip bottles where a bottle rinsing procedure takes place before the bottles are filled. Where the product is being filled aseptically a disinfectant rinse of the bottle is carried out using hydrogen peroxide applied by immersion, spray or as a vapour.

Optimising your cleaning process

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