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Conveyor Lubrication

Modern high speed filling lines for products which are packaged in glass, cans or cartons move containers at high speed through fillers, pasteurisers, labellers and packing machines. To make this possible it is essential that containers are able to slide freely on conveyor surfaces, whilst maintaining enough grip to ensure they remain stable on inclined sections.

Faults during transportation can lead to the whole line coming to a standstill resulting in downtime costs, potential damage to the plant and to product packs. Thus, making sure that conveyors are lubricated at the optimum level for a plant’s operation is hugely important to the overall running of the packaging operation.

Two types of conveyor lubrication are widely employed; wet lubrication utilises a water based liquid as opposed to dry lubrication, where a non-water based liquid is used.

Dry lubrication Wet lubrication