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Surface Disinfection

After the cleaning of surfaces and equipment there may be a need to reduce any residual micro-organisms present, to a safe level, by using a disinfectant.

To achieve the required hygiene result it is vital that the surface to be disinfected is free of food soil or chemical residues as if these are present, it could prevent the disinfectant working as it should.

Disinfectants used in the food, beverage and food service sectors are designed to have low toxicity and taint profiles, working against the organisms of concern which are generally pathogens and food spoilage organisms.

Ensuring the performance of a disinfectant relies largely on the contact time and concentration of chemical used. With some effective in minutes, most are recommended to be left in contact for 15 minutes.

It is crucial to follow the concentration recommended by the manufacturer, whilst ensuring an even coverage of the surface.

application, dosing and control

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