2015 - An award winning and record breaking year!

Blog | 26 December 2015

Not only has 2015 been an ‘award-winning’ year for us, it’s also been a record breaking year.

In the run-up to October the previously unsurpassed production output milestone of 900 tonnes per week remained unbeaten.  Understandably we were therefore proud to announce we had broken the 900 tonne record on five separate occasions since the start of October.

Since 2005 our output has steadily increased reflecting not only a healthy demand from our customers for product - but also an impressive growth in sales.

Not satisfied with breaking two milestones – in the wc 14th December – we smashed the record once again by achieving an output total of 950 tonnes. Resulting in a satisfying and overwhelmingly positive finish to 2015.

This success story is a great achievement and not only represents that ‘all-important’ supply and demand relationship between Holchem and our customers but also our ability to meet those demands.  It also highlights the key roles played by each and every member of staff across the business without whom, we couldn’t achieve these impressive output figures.

We look forward to celebrating more record breaking moments in 2016 and want to take this chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!