A successful trip to Dubai

Blog | 16 December 2016

We were recently invited by the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality to visit the area and carry out a two-day training session. It’s the first time we have carried out work in the area and it was a fantastic opportunity for Holchem to see first-hand the practices out there and how we can further develop relationships with food processors and the local municipality. 

We carried out a training course on hygiene procedures with forty-five people attending, including Dubai Municipality Food Inspectors and Technical Teams from both food service and food manufacturing companies from the region.

The course had five modules:

1.      Hygienic design of food manufacturing plants

2.      Hygienic design of food processing equipment

3.      Cleaning technology and control

4.      Cleaning in Place

5.      Cleaning validation

Commenting on the courses, John Holah, Technical Director at Holchem, said: The training courses held in Dubai were a great success and it was interesting to meet so many people from the region.  We also had the opportunity to visit a number of food manufacturing sites and retailers across a variety of sectors and see first hand the various cleaning regimes in place.