‘Back To Work’ - Touchpoint Cleaning

Blog | 27 January 2022

As the government’s COVID-19 ‘work from home’ guidance has come to an end, allowing people back to work in their offices, enhanced touch point cleaning is recommended across workplaces.


This includes a large number of surfaces that should be hygienically cleaned on a regular basis to ensure a safe environment and that staff members have peace of mind when working in the office space.  A robust cleaning regime should include:

  • Touchpoints including door handles, canteen trays, drinks machines, tables, chairs, telephones, computers, printers and specialist equipment. It is suggested that these are cleaned hourly.
  • Touchpoints that are general to staff and the public. These points should be minimised to reduce the chance of cross contamination but may include areas such as: goods in, goods out, reception and post. Again, it is suggested that these are cleaned hourly.
  • Touchpoints that are specific to a large group of people i.e. handsoap, paper, PPE and hand sanitiser dispensers, door handles, telephones, etc.
  • If there are frequently touched surfaces where the touching of such surfaces cannot be avoided, e.g. stair rails, it would be useful to install hand hygiene stations adjacent; so hands can be immediately decontaminated.



Further information on steps to take and products to use is here and, as always, please contact a member of our team  if you have any questions.