Bespoke solutions every step of the way

Blog | 10 February 2017

Here at Holchem delivering high quality products and services tailored to a customer’s individual needs is hugely important, and we constantly review our activity to ensure we maintain the highest safety standards, whilst keeping environmental impacts to a minimum.

No two companies have exactly the same concerns, and as such, we deliver a bespoke solution to each customer’s specific needs.

Detergent products tend to be grouped by their main chemical characteristic, such as alkaline, acidic, caustic, chlorinated or neutral. There are many products within each group that are developed to meet the varied conditions encountered. The cleaning methods and products employed are designed to best meet the many factors; shown in the illustration.

The roll of the hygiene support company is to use their experience and technical knowledge to best match and optimise the cleaning method to the cleaning requirements of the equipment or area. Although there will be specific best solutions for individual pieces of equipment or areas it is often not feasible or sensible to have several different cleaning methods in an area. Again, the skill of the support company working with the site hygiene team is utilised to develop a simple and manageable cleaning programme for the site.