Cleaning advice - at the heart of what we do

Blog | 7 October 2016

We are proud of the fact that we constantly exceed our customer’s expectations.  We deliver market-leading solutions that meet the ever-increasing hygiene and commercial pressures placed upon our customers. 

We work across a wide range of sectors and clients to provide them with the best cleaning advice for their particular needs. 


How do our teams work and how do they maintain Holchem’s position as the UK and Ireland’s leader in delivering hygiene solution? 


1. In-depth knowledge

One of the most important aspects is our field based teams who all have an in depth knowledge of their customers, delivering optimum cleaning solutions and also new product solutions that are developed in response to a particular business issue or need. Our in-depth knowledge of the sectors we work in enables us to truly understand the needs of our clients and the issues they face.

2. Experts in our field

The experts in our technical centre include leading scientists with experience in a wide range of fields including product development, forensic investigation, chemical legislation and quality control. This in-house team backs up the field based teams with analytical and problem solving expertise.

3. State of the art labs

The state of the art laboratory at our head office has access to a range of investigative tools, including FTIR and X-ray Spectroscopy, force gauges and surface tension measurement as well as traditional wet chemistry. This means that we can provide tailor-made cleaning solutions for each and every customer.