On-Site Detection Kit for SARS-CoV-2

Blog | 24 November 2020

This is a simple, easy to use & rapid lateral flow test to detect the SARS CoV‐2 virus on surfaces within approximately 15 minutes. The test operates in the same way as the allergen rapid lateral flow tests to detect a specific protein on a surface; in this instance it is a protein unique to the SARS‐ CoV‐2 virus. Lateral flow tests, also known as lateral flow immunochromatographic assays, detect the presence of a target substance in a liquid sample without the need for specialised and costly equipment.

The detection strip was shown to be able to detect virus at concentrations as low as 5,000 pfu/mL (pfu: plaque‐forming units). This is less sensitive than the laboratory test for SARS‐CoV‐2 based on Reverse Transcriptase Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction RT‐qPCR, however the test is less expensive and requires very little training to perform.

The test is an environmental surface test and is not for use with samples from human origin. Its purpose is to demonstrate effective decontamination of surfaces e.g. post COVID‐19 cases and enhance a customer’s existing environmental testing and monitoring program. It can be used within the food and beverage industries, foodservice and hospitality industries, office environments, health and nursing care sectors, public transport.

Video demonstration of the test  https://youtu.be/HNHjGXLBDEc

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