Food Trends From Across The Pond

Blog | 5 June 2017

One of the important aspects of our role is to monitor trends and innovation within the food service sector as this affects the way our customer’s operate and the food they are looking to serve.  We are constantly monitoring what is taking place around the world, and here’s some trends that we are looking at that will be coming out of the USA in the next six months:

  • Food waste is a growing issue both across the pond and here in the UK.  One of the steps being implemented to alter this is to use the whole vegetable or the entire animal in food preparation.
  • ‘Vegetable centric’ dishes are becoming more and more popular as they become the focus of the dish.  Vegetarian and vegan dishes are now a strong emphasis for many food service outlets and, as such, it is gathering a pace in the UK.  A Mintel USA survey found that 35% of USA consumers agree there should be more meat alternatives in restaurants – a fact that we are seeing filter into UK foodservice outlets.
  • Menus are being streamlined with less choice and thus minimising food waste.
  • The ‘ugly produce’ movement is now important an aspect for the fresh fruit and vegetables offering for many of our supermarkets.  They are encouraging customers to rethink their ideas of bruised or misshapen fruit and vegetables and consider them the ‘norm’.
  • Customising dishes from a small choice of dishes, toppings and side dishes is coming through and should be considered as an option.
  • The growth of global cuisines is a huge focus.  The inclusion of Korean flavours including kimchi and gochujang are growing as well as traditional Cuban dishes becoming influential as the country opens up to the USA.