G5 system cleaners & Washdown Systems

Blog | 13 August 2015

Finding the most reliable and controlled means of cleaning any food and beverage production facility is extremely important to ensure that hygiene is kept to the standard required for the production of safe food. It is also important that the essential hygiene operation is carried out in a way which causes as little downtime for the business to drive profitability and ensure produce is reaching the market in the necessary quantity as well as quality.

To ensure that this is achieved, medium and low pressure washdown systems are currently considered to be best practice for tackling these types of hygiene challenge and continuous development has meant that the cleaning they deliver has continued to improve, culminating in the current G5 hygiene system.


Benefits of G5:

The benefits of the new G5 equipment see various improvements over previous washdown systems in terms of operation, with quick guides aiding fast, easy and safe usage and lower overall running costs compared to the previously used G4 equipment.

Also the new equipment better optimises the use of chemicals and water, which can be tailored to the needs of the customer, with G5 overall delivering a better value for money service in a safer and more reliable way.

Holchem always offer customers the most up to date and cutting edge generation of cleaning systems as it instils confidence in the hygiene management delivery in place within a processing environment, and in turn breeds confidence in the end product which goes to their customer, the consumer.

The modular washdown equipment provides the opportunity to build up a cleaning system that allows operators on site to rinse, foam and disinfect equipment in an efficient, reliable and controlled way. Thus multiple configurations can be constructed which fit any site’s open plant cleaning requirement.

These include centralised and de-centralised systems which are both operated manually, and also automatic cleaning systems which allow the user to select a cleaning programme that will then carry out a specified cleaning cycle.

Systems such as the products which form the range of G5 cleaners provide site operatives with an efficient, reliable and controlled means of cleaning any food or beverage production facility.



A major advantage that this method of hygiene control provides is the ability to have more users on the equipment for the same electrical consumption, thanks to the larger capacity on pumps than in previous generations.

Water consumption when rinsing has been reduced by 25% due to the optimised flow found within the G5 system, both saving the user money whilst also avoiding wastage and thus providing environmental benefits. This is also aided by a precise and constant dosing of chemicals, at the optimal level for the cleaning task at hand.

The service of washdown equipment is also easy to manage, which is an important factor in avoiding unnecessary stops in production or expensive repairs on the pumps, both which cost money and time.   

Holchem support clients with an in-house team of specialist service engineers covering the UK and Ireland with a professional and dependable back up to any equipment supplied.

The key feature of the development within washdown systems and their use in delivering quality hygiene management solutions centres on the quality of the end result that can be achieved utilising systems such as those found in the G5 generation of products, and the ability to have this delivered in a cost effective manner.

This optimisation of cleaning management delivery thus helps to safeguard the future of businesses that look to produce quality produce where any slip in standards within a crowded market provides huge risk both financially, and to future business prospects