Global Handwashing Day

Blog | 15 October 2020

Today is Global Handwashing Day with the spotlight once again firmly on clean hands and the importance of being aware of and implementing good hand hygiene.  Over the last three decades here at Holchem we have been working with our customers across the food processing, food service, hospitality, brewing, beverages and dairy processing sectors to help them ensure they have effective hand hygiene procedures in place. From establishing the standards required, policies, correct facilities, training, implementation and monitoring and review our teams offer the most robust and effective advice.  Our ‘In Safe Hands’ booklet contains a wealth of information detailing why good hand hygiene is so important and how to wash hands correctly.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 our expertise and work in this area has become even more important.  Our range of hand care products that have been tested as effective against Enveloped Viruses includes:


Microclenz Liquid



Hand & Surface Virucidal Wipes


Darren Saunders from Holchem said:

Here at Holchem we have been working with our customers for many years on implementing successful hand hygiene plans for their businesses.  Across all the sectors we operate in it’s of the most importance.  The knowledge base we have is second to none, and the products developed by our teams here at Holchem are highly effective.  We understand the needs of each individual customer and, as such, develop them a tailored plan that works for them.


For bespoke advice on implementing the correct hand hygiene policy, training and products please contact our team directly.