Global Handwashing Day

Blog | 15 October 2019

Global Handwashing Day is taking place today across the world and is designed to raise the awareness of effective handwashing across the world. The importance of handwashing in the food processing, foodservice, food retail and dairy processing industries is second to none.


In most food processing or food service environments the handling of food is commonplace and often impossible to avoid. Cross-contamination by the transfer of pathogenic or food spoilage organisms can be a significant issue and hands are one of the most common vehicles for transfer of microorganisms. Here at Holchem our teams work with customers across the various sectors to ensure their handwashing procedures are robust and meet the necessary standards. Our range of hand washing products and systems help ensure that regular hand washing and sanitation is successful.  The range includes a refill cartridge system which includes hand soap, hand sanitiser and a refillable system which includes a range of pouring hand soaps, hand sanitisers and re-moisturising lotions which are available for use through either foaming or liquid dispensers: are refiled from 5 Litre product containers.


Commenting on the importance of hand hygiene Marek Miszta from Holchem said:


We support initiatives such as Global Handwashing Day as it raises awareness of such an important topic.  Holchem’s teams work with customers on a daily basis advising them on the best procedures and products to use to ensure their meet the necessary hygiene standards.