Guidance On Hygiene In Supermarkets During COVID-19 Outbreak

Blog | 31 March 2020

Holchem have been working with customers in supermarkets up and down the country advising them on appropriate hygiene regimes in light of the current COVID-19 outbreak.  We deliver bespoke solutions for every single customer and we advise to contact our teams to discuss the most appropriate systems to put in place and specific products to use.


There are a number of actions that are universal to each customer:

  • Store colleagues are being encouraged to carry out hand washing on a very frequent basis - after each time they serve a customer and on entering and leaving department.  Holchem’s In Safe Hands brochure includes guidance steps to follow.
  • Routine cleaning and disinfection is on-going as per normal procedures with emphasis placed on more effective clean as you go procedures.
  • Colleagues are cleaning and disinfecting all hand contact points on a very frequent basis, this includes door handles, trolley handles, entrance and exits and checkout areas.
  • Social distancing is being encouraged, with strict numbers being allowed in the shops.


Commentating on the guidance, Sarah West, Technical Service Manager at Holchem, said:


Cleaning and disinfecting all contact points in store as well as implementing a stringent ‘clean as you go’ routine delivers an effective and successful policy.  We advise all our customers to contact the Holchem team if they require guidance during this time.