Holchem Insights: Allergens

Blog | 6 September 2017

We are proud to be one of the sponsors of this year’s Anaphylaxis Campaign 2017 Corporate Conference that is taking place on 13th September.  We advise a whole host of our customers on how to control allergens within their production facilities as its one of the most important aspects of managing a food and drink production site.

Controlling allergens comes under four areas:

  1. Stop them entering the factory  - this can be achieved through a number of procedures: defining prohibited site allergens, approved and trusted suppliers, banning all allergens in the work place such as no chocolate or peanut bars, using approved and trusted suppliers and that all new product development is free from non essential allergens
  2. Segregate products and ingredients – to ensure that this is implemented clear and correct labelling of all products and ingredients is key.  This should be accompanied by dedicated storage areas for each allergen, packaging and label control and minimising the movement of ingredients around the site.
  3. Removal of allergens from surfaces – a number of key points should be adhered to: the use of colour coded PPE, dedicated cleaning equipment, thorough inspection processes and a validated cleaning process.  Staff training to ensure understanding and implementation all the points is also key.
  4. Stop spreading allergens around the site  - to successfully achieve this a ‘use allergens last in production’ plan should be implemented as well as dedicated production utensils, defined managed airflow and dust extraction and dedicated waste handling.

For further information on the conference visit Anaphylaxis Campaign Conference 2017.