Holchem Insights: Effective Cellar Management

Blog | 5 October 2017

Our brewery and beverage team includes some of the industry’s most renowned experts on hygiene solutions for the sector.  They have successful technical backgrounds and their in-depth knowledge is second to none.  Here they share some of their expertise on how brewers can ensure they have a well-run cellar and what are the most important things to remember:

  • Keep your cellar at the correct temperature (12-14°C).  All too often when we get into summer, cooling equipment struggles to maintain temperature - log daily temperatures to show trends. 
  • Maintain all equipment and don’t use any damaged or worn fittings.
  • Don’t store food or anything that could taint your beer in the cellar and ensure that everything, especially items that come into contact with beer, wines and spirits are kept clean. 
  • Clean down your cellar regularly with an appropriate non-tainting cleaning product and ensure your cellar is also tidy and organised.
  • All cellars should have ventilation to prevent mould growth as well as for allowing any CO2 to escape.
  • Keep gas bottles safely.
  • Don’t have heat generating equipment in the cellar.
  • Store cellar cleaning detergents and chemicals only in their original containers and keep these separated from other items in similar containers.


Peter Thorman who heads up the team looks after our UK and international customers.  Peter is a Master Brewer and he started his life long passion with brewing with a home brew kit.  He went on to gain a BSC Brewing and Microbiology from Heriot Watt University and worked in the brewing industry for 14 years in a number of technical and managerial roles including managing projects here in the UK and with international brewing groups.  He is also a trained auditor in Quality and Environmental Systems.