Holchem Insights: Preparing for Christmas

Blog | 18 September 2017

The Holchem team are attending the CSL Catering Trade show on 20th September to talk about all things Christmas!  We all know that the season of goodwill is vitally important to the success of most businesses involved in the catering industry.  From cafes, pubs, restaurants and food and drink production sites, the demands of Christmas can be huge.

It’s vitally important that any business involved in catering at Christmas is geared up for the high volume of business that will pass through their doors and here at Holchem we focus on working with our customers to ensure that they have all their hygiene procedures in place to ensure that any customers have the best possible experience.  From front of house right through to the kitchen, high standards of cleanliness are vitally important for the Christmas season.  It’s also key that any new seasonal staff are trained properly on all hygiene systems so standards don’t slip.

Our teams have been working within the sector for decades and are best placed to advise a business on the products and the procedures to follow.  As more and more customers come through the doors, they are more likely to post reviews on various review websites so it’s important to ensure that the establishment’s reputation and the seasonal profits are protected.  From floor care, to washrooms, to cutlery, to preparation surfaces and washing equipment our teams offer the best solutions.

If you‘re planning for Christmas and want to talk one about your hygiene requirements then call us on 01706 222288.