Holchem Provides its Customers with Hygiene Solutions Throughout Covid-19

Blog | 20 May 2020

Here at Holchem we are supporting all our customers through the COVID-19 pandemic.


There have been many questions and understandably different needs from different sectors.  We’ve been in constant contact with the relevant bodies and our team of in-house experts have been staying up to date with the advice, as it changes, so we can provide you with the relevant guidance. Combining our specialist expertise and knowledge with the guidance from the World Health organisation, NHS, UK and Irish Governments and organisations representing the food and drink industries we have put together a range of documents that can help guide businesses as we move towards a new normal.


We can do this because we have continually invested in the best teams and technical solutions throughout out the last three decades, and will continue to do so.  Our commitment ‘We always do what we say are going to do’ has never been more important than it is at present. 


There’s detailed information on our website regarding hygiene solutions during COVID-19 which has been compiled by our Technical Director John Holah alongside the rest of the team.  It covers a number of areas including:


Is COVID-19 transmitted by foods and do we need to change our cleaning and disinfection programme in food production?

What additional hygiene measures do I need to put in place?

Do I need to change my barrier controls?

Do I need to change my working practices?

How is decontamination for known cases of COVID-19 different from routine cleaning and disinfection?


There’s also detailed information on Holchem products that have antiviral claims.


Commentating on the advice, John Holah said:

We have been working with our customers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure they have the most up to date advice and can put into place successful hygiene practices.  Our Technical Support Teams in the field and at Head Office are here to help and support you. Please don’t hesitate to contact the team to ensure you have all the relevant information on hygiene plans and COVID-19 control measures for your site.