Holchem Represented at Dubai Food Conference

News | 5 November 2015

Last week heralded the opening of Dubai’s International Food Safety Conference (DIFSC).

Celebrating 10 years at the forefront of food safety in the region – the conference once again brought together food safety professionals from across the globe to debate a variety of current critical topics whilst also providing a forum for collaboration and partnership. 

In attendance was Holchem’s own John Holah. His remit at the conference included the chairing of a symposium on The Role of Sanitary Design, Pest Management and Effective Cleaning plus meeting with distributors and the Dubai Municipality’s food safety specialist – Bobby Krishna.

Amongst many other topics - Bobby and John used this opportunity to discuss the guidance available to food service and catering establishments on cleaning and food safety.  Also on the table for discussion were the current key issues facing the industry and potential opportunities for Holchem in the future.

John Holah commented: Attending this years’ DIFSC Conference is a prime opportunity for Holchem to share their existing expertise and knowledge with like-minded professionals but also to learn from them.  It also represents a chance to champion the future of food safety.