Holchem’s 2019 Training Courses - New Brochure

Blog | 8 February 2019

Training staff and ensuring their skill sets are up to date and able to meet the demands of the business is fundamental to the success and growth of our customers.  The various training courses we have developed here at Holchem and, in conjunction with our associated partners including Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance, totrain, Campden BRI and SOFHT, are highly successful and provide the bedrock of many training programmes.  We have an experienced and knowledgeable training team who focus on bespoke and niche food hygiene related topics, each with expertise in the various disciplines.

The various courses are run across several platforms including eLearning, accredited courses and bespoke courses.  They have now been collated into one brochure and detail the training courses aimed at Level 2 (Operatives), Level 3 (Supervisors) and Level 4 (Managers); focussed on Hygiene and Technical teams as well as Quality Assurance, Production and Engineering teams.  The brochure now available online to download. https://www.holchem.co.uk/about/downloads/

Nicola Bellamy, Holchem’s Technical Service Manager, said: The new brochure is the perfect reference point for all HR and training managers to see the portfolio of training courses we offer. It includes a number of Highfield accredited hygiene training courses, eLearning course and bespoke courses that can be run either here at Holchem or at a customer’s chosen location.