Holchem’s John Holah Publishes Papers on Science Direct

Blog | 2 October 2019

We’re delighted that Holchem’s Technical Director John Holah, has two published papers on the online publication Elsevier. 


The first paper covers (2018) Cleaning and Disinfection Objectives, Reference Module in Food Science, and a second paper (2019) Cleaning and Disinfection Validation, Reference Module in Food Science


John is a renowned expert in Cleaning and Disinfection and advises Holchem’s customers on the correct hygiene systems to implement in food processing and food service facilities across the UK and Europe. 


Commentating on the online publications, John said:

It’s key that we share our knowledge to a wider audience, and I’m delighted that the two papers are now online courtesy of Elsievier.   Here at Holchem we work with customers advising them on the correct cleaning and disinfection regimes and products to use in their sites to ensure they meet the right standards using the knowledge shared in my papers.