Holchem's support staff; experts in their field

Blog | 27 January 2017

Holchem’s Support Teams lead the way within the hygiene technology solutions industry.  They all have hygiene, processing and technical backgrounds that enable them to fully understand the needs of all our customers.  The knowledge and expertise they have across all the sectors we work in means we offer complete chemical and support solutions to all our clients.  From the dairy sector, brewery & beverage, food service & hospitality to engineering and food processing our teams provide bespoke solutions for each client, no matter what their needs.  They ensure best value for money and optimised solutions to suit client needs.

The support and advice available through Holchem is second to none with our consultants, auditors, technologists and engineers working together as a team.  It is of paramount importance to control the dosing and application of detergents and disinfectants and one key aspect of the support teams role is to ensure the desired standard of cleaning and disinfection is achieved safely with the lowest impact on the environment.  No matter what the budget our support teams closely examine water, energy and time savings involved in the cleaning processes to achieve the best hygiene solutions for each client.

Training is also key and the support team train our customer's teams on how to use and apply equipment and solutions to ensure that best practice is achieved time and time again.