Holchem team contributes to leading Hygiene Control book

Blog | 15 August 2016

The second edition of the international best seller ‘Handbook of Hygiene Control in the Food Industry’ has just been published and four members of the Holchem team have been involved in editing five chapters of the book.

It is a major text intended for food industry technical managers and it is also as a University textbook used throughout the UK and the world.   It is published by Woodhead Publishing and provides hands-on practical information to improve best practices in food safety and quality. Holchem’s John Holah, Jim Taylour, Sarah West and Mike McHardy were all involved and it’s a great credit to the team to have their work recognised in such an esteemed handbook.

The topics include:

  • Food Hygiene and Food Workers: From Complacency to Compliance
  • Hygiene Requirements in Food Service
  • Selection, Use and Maintenance of Manual Cleaning Equipment
  • Traceability of Cleaning Agents and Disinfectants
  • Specific Requirements for Equipment for Aseptic Processing

John Holah, technical director at Holchem, said: Our contribution to the handbook is a reflection of the work that the team carries out on a day to day basis for all our clients.  It’s a privilege for us to be involved in such an important text, and for students around the world to be able to learn and benefit from our work here at Holchem. We are delighted that we are recognised amongst our peers for our knowledge and we were honoured that we were asked to get involved.