Holchem technical team celebrates PHD

Blog | 28 March 2019

Joels Wilson- Nieuwenhuis, who works alongside Jim Taylour, Holchem’s Head of Product, Research and Development, recently completed his PhD in Microbiology, Haematology and Surface Engineering from Manchester Metropolitan University.

His work is the result of a partnership between Holchem and the University and Joels has been spending a lot of time in the laboratory at Manchester Met using the analytical equipment to produce scientific data on the cleaning chemistry of Holchem’s range of products.

He has been working with Jim for six months and is looking forward to a career in scientific research.

Commenting on his role, Jim Taylour, said: We have been sharing our knowledge and expertise on our product range with Joels to enable him to complete a KTP with Holchem.  The partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University is really important to us as it nurtures young talent coming through in the industry and gives students the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of the industry.

Joels added: My role as a KTP Associate (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) at Holchem has been of a huge benefit to me and the team have welcomed me into the fold. It’s such an interesting place to work and see first-hand how much scientific research and knowledge goes into producing the Holchem range of products.