Holchem wraps up customer's hygiene solutions

Blog | 5 January 2018

The Real Wrap Company processes, packs and distributes ready to eat sandwiches, paninis, ‘snacks to go’ and salads.  They approached Holchem in 2016 to provide advice on the most appropriate testing kits to use for their salad dipping procedure.  The success of the kits, the results and the accompanying advice that Holchem gave the company then led to Holchem providing the team with the training course ‘Safe Working with Chemicals’. 

Since then Holchem has worked closely with The Real Wrap Company to ensure it is using the correct hygiene solution products and that the team is kept up to date on the latest legislation that affects their business. Holchem has provided various solutions to issues including a new disinfectant. to overcome the recent issues raised about maximum residual levels of QAC based disinfectants.

The Real Wrap Company is now in the process of working with Holchem to install Gateway, Holchem’s inhouse secure web based system that allows quick and easy access for the creation and amending of the Cleaning Instruction Cards (CIC).  It is intuitive, easy to use and significantly reduces the time it takes to create a CIC system from beginning to end.  The system provides a more tailored approach for customers in that it allows users to add photographs, strip down procedures, cleaning methods, frequencies, key inspection points, cleaning products, cleaning tools and personal protective equipment. 

Commenting on the partnership with Holchem, Emma Caddy, Technical Manager, from the Real Wrap company said: We moved over to working with Holchem in 2016 because they supply products that work and they are an interactive supplier that means they don’t just leave us to our own devices, they provide on-going support which is invaluable.  They work closely with the team and have helped ensure that we work with the correct equipment and dosing chemicals as well as developing Cleaning in Place (CIP) regimes and CIP instruction cards. As with any business we’re restricted with time and resources.  Holchem have given us the ability to gain time back with a reduction in the amount of time we spend cleaning because of better systems and products and we are looking forward to installing the Gateway system   The hands-on approach and support we receive is fantastic and they provide a great service.

Shaun Kent, from Holchem added: It’s a pleasure working with the Real Wrap Company and being able to provide tailor made solutions to meet their requirements.   It’s a very fast paced environment and as well as supplying products we have been able to help them address their concerns about Listeria and supported their two stage cleaning routines.  Hygiene standards have improved since we began our relationship and it’s great to be see the company doing so well.