Hospitality Industry - Ensure Hygiene Plans Are In Place for 12th April Reopening

Blog | 1 April 2021

As the hospitality industry counts down to outdoor reopening on 12th April our teams have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that our customers in the sector have the most up to date hygiene plans and products in place.


We have a wealth of information available including best practice guidelines, information on products using for cleaning surfaces and environments, useful posters and signs as well as the most popular Q&As and cleaning methods.


Food businesses that are restarting should review and where necessary update their Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) procedures or HACCP-based Food Safety Management System.

Business should:

Document any changes you make (If you have fewer than five employees, you do not have to write anything down.)
Document the start-up checks you undertake.
Inform your local food authority if you are restarting your food business, and of any changes to your registerable activities. This includes the introduction of a new delivery or takeaway service.


When restarting operations, reviews of the usual start-up procedures following any shut-down should take place and consider whether any additional procedures are needed. This should consider the length of time your business has not been in operation. This review should consider the cleaning requirements for your business, and an assessment of any pest control needs following the period of inaction. SFBB provides a checklist for opening and closing checks and advice on extra checks which should be undertaken.


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