Hygiene is on the menu at this year's music festivals

Blog | 10 June 2019

As the summer festival season approaches lots of hospitality businesses from Indian restaurants to pizza restaurants to breweries, will be going mobile and setting up pop up food stalls, bars or cafes.  They will be going on the road, away from their traditional set ups and working in very fast paced environments, sometimes employing temporary staff and operating in stressful scenarios where customers want their food and drink quickly.


It’s at times like this that food and drink businesses cannot let their standards slip and it’s essential they maintain high levels of hygiene throughout the operation.  A key component of this is clean hands and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness amongst all staff across the whole operation.

Here at Holchem we have been working with food and drink businesses for many years, advising them on the correct procedures and products to have in place as well as training teams on the correct routines to follow.  Our ‘In Safe hands brochure’ is a valuable source of information and guides readers through a number of important areas including essential legislation that has to be complied with, effective hand washing, commonly missed areas when hand washing, different types of soaps, hand sanitisers, and managing hand hygiene.   


The brochure is available to download here Downloads

or speak to a member of our team if you want to ensure your businesses is hygienically fit for purpose when it goes on the road this summer.