Hygiene Management System reaches milestone

Blog | 9 September 2016

Earlier this year Holchem introduced Gateway, a brand new secure web based system that allows customers quick and easy access for the creation and amending of the Cleaning Instruction Cards (CIC), and we’re delighted that over 700 of our customers have started using the system.

The beauty of Gateway is that it is intuitive, easy to use and significantly reduces the time it takes to create a CIC system from beginning to end. The system provides a more tailored approach for customers in that it allows users to add photographs, strip down procedures, cleaning methods, frequencies, key inspection points, cleaning products, cleaning tools and personal protective equipment. It automatically generated the CIC summary, sign off sheets and training records related to each CIC. This ensures effective documentation control is delivered throughout the system, reducing the risk of a non-conformance being identified during audits.

The systems are created by the dedicated Holchem Hygiene Technologist team, saving our customers many days’ work. Our customers can then amend the CICs on an on-going basis which is key if its needs to be updated before or after an investigation, audit or inspection.  Gateway also meets BRCv7 and retailer requirements.