Hygienic Design In Food Processing Sites

Blog | 25 September 2019

The hygienic design of food processing sites and the equipment in them as well as the behaviour of teams working in them is recognised as crucial to food safety.  It’s also one of the most important elements of the work we carry out with our customers.

On a daily basis we identify poorly designed equipment and facilities and help and advise customers on the steps to take to change them.  This includes advice on building design, implementing successful routines such as deep cleaning regimes and disinfection programmes as well as ensuring newly purchased equipment is up to the correct standards.  We also work with customers to ensure building refurbishment programmes are suitably hygienically designed and that the refurbishment programme is undertaken in a way that minimises food safety concerns.

The Holchem team is also involved in the development, promotion and education of hygienic design by working with groups such as EHEDG and through in-house training courses.

For further information on how Holchem can work with your  site on its hygienic design contact the team https://www.holchem.co.uk/contact/.