Interim cleaning requirements

Blog | 29 August 2017

Our extensive range of products offer a precise choice to meet varying soil and water conditions. Our team of Technical Sales Consultants work hand in hand with hygiene teams to ensure that the most appropriate product choices are made to fit with the specific need.

Our commitment to producing safe products is supported by comprehensive management systems that reflect legal and regulatory compliance as a minimum standard, and cover raw material use and product assessments, labelling and packaging requirements.

One of our areas of expertise is interim cleaning products that remove light debris while reducing microbial contamination. With a benefit of minimising water these products, sometimes alcohol based, are applied by fine spray from a trigger in combination with a disposable wipe or by using a hygiene wipe.

Our QAC biocide, either water or alcohol based, products are most commonly used however if MRL (Maximum Residual Level) issues are a concern then the range of Non-QAC products should be used.  In this instance our Optimum QFD 60 ready to use disinfectant fits the bill.  It is a blend of non-ionic and non-QAC biocides (“QAC free”) that provide fast acting surface disinfection that meets the requirements of both EN1276 and EN13697 in 60 seconds.  It is now widely used in bars, restaurants and other sites where food is produced and ensures that they do not exceed the statutory residue limits associated with QAC based disinfectants and it meets the EN 1276, EN 1650 and EN 13697 standards.