Investment In New Bulk Storage

Blog | 12 July 2019

At Holchem we are continually looking for production resilience and efficiency and to ensure that our growing number of customers are serviced and continue to be serviced to the highest level.   

We have recently carried out a major project of replacing bulk storage tanks.  We have replaced five tanks in total which increases our overall capacity by 107 cubic metres.  We are also reassigning two of our existing tanks to another use.    Due to bund capacity restrictions we have adopted an offload management system that controls (via a PLC) the tank assignment of four of the five new tanks at the bulk receiving inlet points.

Commenting on the new bulk tanks Iain Robertson, Operations Manager of the Holchem, said:

It’s essential that we meet the future need of all customers and to do this we are constantly reviewing our production capacities and making investments to provide long term sustainability of the business.  This major project clearly demonstrates our commitment to the fact that our customers are at the heart of our business.