John Holah joins Holchem

News | 25 April 2014

New Technical Director Dr John Holah joins Holchem to continue the on-going development of Holchem’s Technical offering.

Steve Bagshaw is proud to be passing over responsibility, to the new Technical Director Dr John Holah, for an exceptional technical team that continue to be the innovators and drivers for our sector.

Steve Bagshaw is changing role after 25 years at Holchem and with the last 20 years as Technical Director. Steve remains on the Board of Holchem as Marketing Director. Steve will continue to have a significant input into the company albeit part time.

Dr John Holah, an applied microbiologist, was Head of the Food Hygiene Department at Campden BRI, whose work focussed on the prevention of microbial, chemical and foreign body contamination of food during its manufacture, distribution and retail, producing much of the good hygiene practices that are used in the food industry today.  John has worked with >500 food manufacturing and food service companies worldwide and is a recognised international expert on hygienic factory and equipment design, cleaning and disinfection, personal hygiene and environmental microbiology, particularly Listeria and Salmonella control. 

John has been a member of the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) since 1989, sitting on its Executive Committee.  He chaired the ISO Committee on hygienic design, harmonising standards worldwide to produce ISO 14159:2002 on equipment hygienic design and ISO 21469:2006 on lubricants.  John also represented the UK for many years on European and OECD chemical disinfectants committees, responsible for the current suite of European standard disinfectant tests.  Until this year, John was also a member of the National Health Service, Rapid Review Panel, which considers novel control products and methods for health care acquired infections