L3 Listeria Training Course - Launches in 2015

News | 21 December 2015

As the leading provider of hygiene training courses and products within the UK and Irish food manufacturing sectors – 2015 has seen the addition of a Level 3 Listeria Management course to our award winning training portfolio.

Listeria has been highlighted as a major 'area for attention' in the FSA's strategic plan for 2015/20 – and we are using our core expertise to raise industry awareness of listeria and also provide training for industry professionals. 

The nationally accredited two-day course is aimed at hygiene, technical, engineering and production managers directly involved in the day-to-day management of Listeria within the food industry.  This stand-alone course in the UK and Ireland adheres to the current FSA's strategy in helping to control Listeria.

Listeria is widespread and the pathogen itself can be found in a wide variety of contaminated foods.  Those foods which are manufactured and prepared within the chilled ready-to-eat sector present a particular high risk.  High hospitalisation probability and mortality rates mean that whilst Listeria is considered rare compared to other pathogens - it currently poses a vast public health and financial burden to the UK.

The course joins a wealth of other training courses;  - our L2 and L3 training courses are commonly seen as 'hygiene passports' within the food manufacturing industry. 

John Holah commented: We are passionately focussed on providing training and support that we know is essential in helping our industry to manage their hygiene needs.  Our key focus is to not only implement a 'control & management' plan but to help those on the front-line tackling listeria - prevent its entry into critical food management zones. With the addition of the factory-based Listeria training course, the revised e-Learning Listeria awareness course plus a training company of the year award from SOFHT in 2015 – means that we are best placed to provide all-round training.

In a world where food manufacturers are under increasing daily pressure to tackle hazards, meet challenging deadlines - yet maintain high levels of quality control and customer service – we are always is on-hand to provide a wide variety of courses - that will both support and sustain the food manufacturing industries of the future.