Launch of new Optimum Hair Degrader

Blog | 1 February 2018

We’ve launched a new Hair Degrader product as part of our Optimum range of products.

Specifically targeted at the hospitality industry where sinks and plugholes become blocked with human hair, the Optimum Hair Degrader is formulated with a blend of enzymes, surfactants and depilatory materials, is ready to use and rapidly breaks down hair in sinks and drains.  It unblocks in as little as four hours and is designed for general use once a week, with stubborn blockages requiring an overnight treatment.

Two active ingredients include a depilatory agent that breaks down the disulphide bonds in the cortex of the hair, causing blockages to break down and making it easy to rinse down the drain.  The enzyme aides the keratinous protein in hair to break down.

It is designed for use in hotels, leisure centers, spas and any other establishments that experience excessive hairs in drains.

Watch the product demonstration on our YouTube channel 


How Hair Degrader Works