Leatherhead Food Research presentation

Blog | 6 June 2016

Leatherhead Food Research recently played host to Holchem’s Technical Director, Professor John Holah, and other experts in the control of Listeria from the Food Standards Agency, Public Health England and Leatherhead Food Research.

John delivered an insightful 30-minute presentation on ‘Controlling Listeria In Food Manufacturing  - a Five Point Plan’ that he has developed. 

This consists of:  

Food Hygeine Process

1 – Prevent Listeria entry to high hygiene manufacturing areas

2 - Restrict Listeria harbourage and growth in the manufacturing infrastructure

3 - Reduce Listeria cross contamination vectors from infrastructure sources to food products

4 - Kill or remove Listeria via enhanced cleaning and disinfection programmes

5 – Validate, monitor and verify all established Listeria controls

John comments: The event was very insightful and it was really interesting to hear food safety experts discussing their understanding of Listeria, the control of it and regulatory approaches.  I’ve certainly taken away a lot of information from the day that I will be implementing into my day-to-day work for our clients here at Holchem.  We are constantly providing new and updated solutions to our clients and to hear what my peers have to say about controlling Listeria, and their latest thoughts on it, is imperative to the progress of the industry.