Listen and learn

Blog | 3 December 2015

A customer’s opinion can make or even break a business – and all too often a business will wait until the customer is shouting before it sits up and listens.

At Holchem our Customer Satisfaction surveys play a key role in all our relationships ensuring we are providing the services our clients and customers want  - and we are helping them when we can.

We first implemented our first Customer Satisfaction Survey back in 2003 and have continued the tradition on an annual basis ever since. 

We have just finished collating the results of our 2015 survey and the results are in!  We’re pleased to announce that history is repeating itself and we have seen further improvements in a year-on-year comparison with 2014.  We have not only received an improved response rate to the surveys sent out but have managed to achieve an average customer satisfaction score of 4.4 out of 5.

These results mean we’ve not only met our customer satisfaction targets on delivering service excellence  – we’ve exceeded these targets in 2015!  

Honest feedback is key to the ongoing development of our business and ensures we not only stay on target from a sales perspective but more importantly we exceed the targets expected of us, by our customers.

Our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey is a not only a key performance indicator for our business’ performance but is also a key component of our ISO accreditation criteria. Our surveys form part of the ISO review criteria meaning the ISO auditor will look at the results each year to check that we are on target from a compliancy point of view.

And this survey is our way of being 100% transparent - we not only want to hear what our customers think of us - we need to know what our customers think of us; its how our business practice evolves.